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The Heritage Mandaue Cebu Residential Lots for Sale


From Cebu’s premier pioneering developer comes an exclusive, new subdivision that blends the old and the new, paying homage to its history while enhancing it with the latest innovations in design. Modern-day amenities such as a clubhouse, swimming pool, basketball court and fishing pond complement the richness of the land, adding prestige to the development, and ultimately, making it an ideal place to build your home.

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1. Total Area  – 13.6 hectares

2. Location – Jagobiao, Mandaue City & Tugbungan, Consolacion

3. Access Points – Jagobiao National High School, Foodarama Supermarket Consolacion & Consolacion Public Market

4. Distance from Highway to the Main Gate – passing through Jagobiao is approximately 630 meters and 1.2 kilometer from Foodarama Consolacion

5. Price Range (effective FEBRUARY 16, 2018) starts at Php13,500.00 per square meter

6. Reservation Fee – Php30,000.00 (good for 30 days)

7. Required minimum value of the house – Php2.5 million

8. Maximum building height  – 9 meters

9. Easements – 3 meters (front)

2 meters ( on the side and rear)

10. Amenities & Facilities

Clubhouse (designed by ED GALLEGO & Asso.)
Swimming Pool
Basketball Court
Children’s Playground
Guard House (on each of the 3 entrances)
3 Sewer Treatment Facilities
Drainage System
Road 7 to 8 inches thick

* Conceptualized by SC & A, master planner

* Civil Works (designed of ROW, road profiles, drainage & sewer system, STF, Detention Pond, etc.) by DCCD Engineering. Corporation

*General Contractor is BSP & Company

Our investment options are as follows:

5% discount for spot cash payment
Discounted full down payment if paid within 30 days from reservation
30% down payment with 2% discount
40% down payment with 3% discount
50% down payment with 4% discount
 Stretched down payment
30% down payment stretched over 12 months @  (zero) 0% interest
30% down payment stretched over 24 months @ (nine) 9.0% interest per annum
70% balance (for bank, HDMF, in-house financing or spot cash)




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