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Pristina North Cebu house and lot near Ateneo, CIS

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Sometimes, all we need is a proper breather away from the congested and busy city district.

What sets Pristina North from any other communities here in Cebu?

Just imagine a community where you don’t have to compromise between work and family time. Its central location means a shorter commute to work, therefore you have more time to devote to building an exceptional home life.

Pristina North Residences is the ideal neighborhood where you and your family can enjoy life’s simple luxuries!


Aside from its ingenious visual scheme, Pristina North has its utilities neatly hidden underground. The underground electrical cabling system ensures that vecinos have unhampered views of the exhilarating hillside environment. Laying of the utility networks is completed providing vecinos with full-service power and water lines.

Village Center (Clubhouse)
Celebration Hall
Space for refreshment area/convenience store
Coffee shop area
Serenity gazebo
20-meter lap pool
Splashing pool for kids
Outdoor colored surface basketball court with bleachers
Outdoor colored and rubberized surface Kid’s Playground
3 water treatment facilities
Complete underground utilities
Filipino Asian Contemporary theme
Grand commercial road main entrance
Feature wall, Entrance Pylons, Dynamic terrain
Wide highly-walkable pedestrian sidewalk
Pool fountain with a unique wall feature
Authentic Maranao hand-crafted solid brass gong, Clubhouse centerpiece
4 pocket parks, Asian gardens with park benches (Filipino garden, Garden of Bali, Thai garden, Zen Garden)
2 nature buffers of an Indigenous tree sanctuary
The Centerpiece – commercial rotunda
Ovation park – village center rotunda
4 entrances (commercial main & secondary entry, subdivision main & secondary entry)
2.1m perimeter fence & 24hr security

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