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Welcome to a place to celebrate life, all of it, until its very end. Honor life in a setting fit for remembering beautiful memories.

Our Lawn Lots

At Haven of Peace Memorial Garden, we only want you to feel comfortable at the same time enjoy the beautiful landscape all around the park. The lots are widely spaced to accommodate a large number of people, but still, keep the solitude and maintain the privacy every family deserves.

The lawn lot is a beautiful piece of land, covered with green grass. Designed to fit in the diverse ethnic and religious needs of each family, this lot has a two-layer underground vault that can hold two (2) interments.


Our Garden Lots

A memorial garden lot is a quiet place for reflection — a serene spot to reminisce the life of a loved one.

In the lush expanse of grassy landscape, lots are available with options for up to two (2) tombs above the ground. Each lot can hold 8-16 interments. We also have prime lots in areas wherein you may secure a sizable spot for curbs. Areas in excess of the regular lot sizes will be computed accordingly at very affordable prices per square meter.



Our Family Estates

Because people need profound places in a peaceful setting to honor life, mausoleums can be put up to as high as 4.5 meters with unlimited interment that can be as grand as one pleases.

Through these personalized mausoleums, visiting in numbers will not be a problem and the serenity of your stay is still being kept. Prime corner lots are also available which guarantee more space with each additional square meter priced reasonably.



Wall Niches

Haven of Peace provides wall niches that place your loved ones in a marble-finish edifice. This aesthetically-designed structure has a lush mini garden on top that makes it even more eco-friendly and pleasing to the eye.

It is a 4-layer concrete vault with a measurement of 2.25 square meter each.



Our Cinerarium

All of us are made from dust and to dust we shall return so that we deserve to be treasured in a place that makes those we leave behind comforted with the thought that our ashes are kept in a special place.

Standing prominently on a grassy side is a 5-layer concrete structure which can preserve one’s ashes. Its marble finish makes it even safer and more reliable, giving reassurance that your loved one is protected and surrounded with warmth.

Each unit is 0..40 square meter (0.5m x 0.8m) in size and can hold up to six runs.



Our Bone Chamber

Haven of Peace believes that we are sent here on earth with a purpose and that each one of us holds an important place in this world. And when our loved ones are long gone, there is a place where bones find shelter – something that gives us utmost peace and contentment in our hearts.

On one side of the garden, a 5-layer marble edifice stands out. Each unit is 0.45 square meter in size (0.5m x 0.9m) and can hold up to five (5) sets of bones.




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